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Achieve your goals faster (with help from AI).

Intelligent organization

We use machine learning & natural language processing to auto-tag and categorize your tasks.

Powerful searching

Search through your tasks by typing in synonyms, people, places, and more.

Save & search websites

Include a URL in your tasks and Rememly takes a snapshot of the site and makes it searchable.

Unclutter your mind and organize your thoughts with the most intelligent task management app out there.

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Auto-organize your tasks

Rememly uses cutting-edge natural language processing to categorize your tasks, automatically. Type in 'people' and all tasks involving your friends and family are surfaced.

Prefer more flexibilty? Customize Rememly entirely by Organize your own tasks with hashtags.


Intelligent searching

Don't worry about misspellings or synonyms - with a powerful indexing and search engine, easily find the tasks that matter most.

For example - search for 'Toronto' and tasks involving Canada will show up. This happens with people, places, companies, and more.

Offline Websites

Never lose track of your favorite websites

Just paste websites into Rememly and we index the site and save it offline, preserving exactly how you visited it.

And, easily find the website again by searching for any word on the site. Perfect for creating your own, personal knowledgebase.

Use Rememly as an intelligent, personal